DEM Fire leading the way with Uptick fire protection technology

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DEM Fire leading the way with Uptick fire protection technology

As a leader in fire protection services, DEM Fire is committed to premium solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

And one way we ensure exceptional service is by embracing advanced technology.

For the past four years we’ve been working with Uptick, a specialist in compliance and workforce management software for the fire protection industry.

Aidan Lister, CEO and Co-Founder of Uptick explains that DEM Fire were one of the first companies on board – and instrumental in the development of the technology.

DEM Fire was one of our very first customers – and because they are one of the biggest industry providers, they have had a lot of input into enterprise features. It’s helped us fine tune program functionality, our suite of tools for construction and installation projects, and features for tracking workforce management costs.”

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Uptick Origins

Aidan co-founded Uptick seven years ago – and it’s Australia’s first compliance network… now used by 25% of the fire protection industry.

The technology is used across the fire protection and essential services sector,” says Aidan. “It blends workforce management plus product and compliance management tools. And it helps our clients with various aspects of their business including managing all employees on the road and tracking compliance provisions.”

The benefits of the technology include the ability to track critical information – such as major service dates, barcodes, defect history and life cycle analysis – and implement programme maintenance schedules with built in Australian Standards requirements (AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005)… or there’s full flexibility for customisation where required

Advanced Solutions for DEM Fire

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DEM Fire contacted Uptick – and began the process of integrating Uptick technology across the organisation – four years ago. Aidan explains that the standard onboarding process runs for about three months.

During that time, we provide a team of dedicated staff to train the office manager, technicians and other staff – and configure the system exactly as they want it. We also migrate all data from existing software and systems prior to the go live process.”

And once the system is up and running, Uptick provides ongoing account management with quarterly visits to ensure the system is running as required.

For DEM Fire, Uptick technology provides an agile and seamless management solution. It helps us oversee and link every aspect of our business for enhanced efficiency… and superior customer service.

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Innovative – and green - solutions

DEM Fire is open to innovative solutions to improve business processes… and recently we’ve been working on a modernisation project to further improve systems across the organisation. That includes looking at innovative Uptick solutions.

One example is the Uptick Dashboard, which all technicians access via iPad. “It’s a full mobility solution,” explains Aidan. “Staff have access to the app for the entire time they’re on the road. It helps them prioritise the workload, and there’s a standard interface to collect data – and provide customers with consistent reports. We find transparency drives everything… it results in increased performance and each department can easily visualise where the techs are, and how each team is doing.”

In an exciting move, DEM Fire is also working towards a greener solution to traditional workbooks which must be left on client sites. To that end, we will be implementing an Uptick digital workbook system in the future, in what Aidan describes as a “pioneering” move.

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Working with DEM Fire

DEM Fire are very happy to have embraced Uptick technology, in what has been a collaborative and fruitful process. And we look forward to working with Aidan – and implementing further innovative business solutions.

For Aidan, the relationship has been absolutely positive. “DEM Fire’s professionalism shines through. Tom and Gary are very firm in their expectations and an absolute pleasure to work with. I think they stand out too as one of the nicest customers we’ve ever worked with.”

DEM Fire is committed to excellence in fire protection – and superior customer service. So please contact us to discuss your first-class solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance. Read more Fire Protection articles.

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