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Are you looking for a career change? Transferring skills to fire protection services is possible with our in-depth training, certifications and back-office support.

Trade professionals can find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating a shift from their established trades to a new career path where their skills are transferable. One such transition is moving from a tradesperson role to a career in fire safety inspection. While it may seem like an unconventional leap, the skills acquired in various trades can seamlessly transfer to the critical and rewarding field of fire safety.

Tradespeople, whether electricians, plumbers or carpenters, possess a solid foundation in technical skills. These skills, including attention to detail, problem-solving and hands-on expertise, are highly sought-after in fire safety inspection. Electricians bring a deep understanding of electrical systems and wiring, a crucial aspect of fire prevention. Plumbers, with their knowledge of piping and water systems, contribute to assessing and mitigating fire risks related to these components.

Attention to detail and problem solving

You may not yet realise how many of your intangible skills will be of value to the fire safety services industry. As a tradesperson, you are accustomed to meticulously examining your work to ensure precision and quality. This attention to detail is directly applicable in fire safety inspection, where thorough assessments of buildings, equipment and safety protocols are paramount. Identifying potential fire hazards requires a keen eye for detail; skilled tradespeople have honed it through years of hands-on experience.

Tradespeople are adept problem solvers, navigating challenges to find practical solutions. This ability transfers to fire safety inspection, where professionals must analyse complex situations and devise strategies to enhance safety measures. The analytical mindset cultivated in the trades proves invaluable when evaluating fire safety protocols, recommending improvements and troubleshooting potential risks.

Hands-on expertise

A significant advantage tradespeople bring to the table is their hands-on expertise. Fire safety inspection requires practical knowledge of building structures, equipment functionality and safety systems. Having worked in diverse environments, tradespeople possess a practical understanding of construction and maintenance practices. This hands-on experience is a key asset in assessing and implementing fire safety measures in real-world scenarios.

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Training, certifications and support

DEM Fire is committed to excellence and is one of Australia’s leading businesses that prioritises in-depth training, certifications and support for new and existing team members. Joining DEM Fire is a move up, not sideways, in your career path.

We have a dedicated team of over 80 professionals with a stable of clients who are leaders in their respective fields.

Every day brings new challenges, learning opportunities and an opportunity to work with a business with over 40 years of industry respect and recognition.

We offer more than a career change. We provide qualified training and accreditation with ongoing career development programs. We offer excellent remuneration where we pay you for your skills and commitment. We provide an outstanding culture of encouragement, diversity and kinship where all team members work toward a common goal.

We are actively recruiting people for various roles, and you may be surprised how well your skill set fits within the fire safety service industry.

Contact us today and start your new career with New South Wales’ leading fire and essential services company.

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