Four key elements of shopping centre fire safety

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Shopping centres are high foot traffic public spaces that often combine retail outlets, food courts, cinemas and offices. Fire safety management is crucial for all commercial spaces, and shopping centres typically require a combination of complex fire prevention systems, in addition to potentially hundreds or thousands of fire safety assets.

DEM Fire has decades of experience in fire protection for shopping centres, with clients including Mirvac and Stockland.

We provide comprehensive, high quality and compliant fire prevention solutions – and we look after the key elements of shopping centre fire safety.

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Fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessments are mandatory for fire safety in any commercial space, to identify all potential risks for staff, residents and visitors in the event of an outbreak. Business owners must obtain a fire risk assessment before commencing new construction or with any new or updated solution design on an existing property.

The DEM Fire team conducts fire risk assessments to identify and understand the potential risks in any property and ensure your fire safety measures are adequate to reduce or remove each potential risk.

Fire risk assessments must meet the compliance requirements pertaining to your sector. Any change to your shopping centre – such as a new tenant or a change in fit-out – will also affect your current fire safety measures. As such, regular fire risk assessments are essential.

Solution design and installation

Once we have identified all potential hazards in your shopping centre, our team of accredited fire system designers will tailor a fire prevention design that addresses each potential risk.

Our comprehensive solution design varies based on each business but is likely to include multiple fire systems including fire alarm systems, detection systems and sprinkler systems, in tandem with fire safety assets such as fire extinguishers, hoses, hydrants, fire exit doors, emergency lighting and blankets. Our design may also have passive fire protection components.

Our project team provides full design, costings and plans for retrofits or entire new fire protection systems, for projects ranging from residential homes and high-rise apartments to major hospitals and shopping centres.

As one of the few fire protection companies with in-house FPAS Accredited Practitioners in both Fire Design and Fire Safety, we can project manage comprehensive fire safety solutions including fire protection design, system installation and ongoing asset management without outsourcing.

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Emergency planning

In addition to fire safety systems, shopping centre owners must implement health and safety procedures to further minimise the risk of fire outbreak and spread.

Staff training is crucial, in addition to creating a full emergency evacuation plan with designated meeting points and supervisors to monitor the evacuation. Regular drills are mandatory and it is essential to regularly update the plan, including staff and tenant numbers.

Depending on the nature of your tenant’s businesses, some additional steps may include monitoring of flammable materials or any dangerous goods on-site to ensure storage meets all safety measures and legislative requirements.

Expert fire compliance

Annual Fire Safety Statements are a key component of your fire compliance requirements, confirming that an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) has inspected, assessed and verified each Fire Safety Measure applied to the property and listed in the Fire Safety Schedule held by your local council.

There are two types of Fire Safety Statements: the standard Annual Fire Safety Statement and a supplementary Fire Safety Statement, which may be required for complex fire prevention systems, dependent on critical Fire Safety Measures.

As part of our service, we undertake and submit all compliance requirements. With an accredited team of fire safety experts in-house, we can oversee your Annual Fire Safety Statements in addition to services such as fast-turnaround Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and emergency lift assessments.

First-class fire protection

At DEM Fire, we are committed to first class fire protection for our customers. We go above and beyond to ensure you have quality and compliant fire protection systems and fire compliance. And we also provide fast-response emergency callout, as we did recently for Broadway Shopping Centre.

Our team worked around the clock to find and rectify an issue and ensure the shopping centre was able to open as usual on its busiest trading day.

With extensive expertise across all sectors, DEM Fire is Australia’s leading independent provider of fire and essential services. To discuss your shopping centre fire safety, please contact us.

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