Shannon Bickel

Service Operations Manager

Shannon Bickel spent 19 years as a motor mechanic before joining the fire industry in 2012 while searching for a career change. Shannon got his start in the role of a fire tester before moving to an operational role.

He finds the daily problem solving and operational challenges to be enjoyable and stimulating, but most of all he enjoys protecting the public, as well as their assets, buildings and businesses.

When he’s not busy navigating the exciting risks and challenges of the fire industry, Shannon loves playing baseball, fishing, 4WDing and spending quality time with his two children and his partner.

DEM Fire Articles

Commercial fire system upgrade

When you are responsible for a commercial facility, including education buildings, a fire system upgrade can save property, money and occupants. DEM Fire specialises in fire system upgrades across all sectors.

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Commercial fire risk assessment

As a commercial building owner, facility manager, or strata manager, you must ensure that your property complies with fire safety regulations. Conducting a thorough fire risk assessment is the first step in achieving this goal.

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Fire systems for schools

Educational facilities, whether large and complex or small and compact, need fire protection. DEM FIre specialises in fire systems for schools. Our expertise ensures the safety of students and staff along with the best fire asset protection.

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