Scott Klajman


Scott is an Estimator at DEMFIRE. Before joining DEM FIRE, Scott transitioned from a career in market research to pursue his interest in fire and essential services. He embarked on an apprenticeship as a sprinkler fitter, gaining valuable hands-on experience before stepping into his current position.

Scott’s motivation stemmed from a friend’s recommendation, which sparked his interest in the field. While it’s too early to highlight a specific project or accomplishment at DEM FIRE, Scott is eager to contribute to DEM FIRE’s success and growth.

Scott’s strength lies in his industry knowledge acquired from firsthand experience as a sprinkler fitter. His “on-the-tools” perspective enables him to provide valuable insights and assessments as an estimator.

Within DEM FIRE, Scott appreciates the camaraderie among his colleagues and values the diverse range of knowledge within the team.

To stay abreast of industry trends and advancements, Scott engages in online research and actively participates in discussions with colleagues. He is committed to expanding his expertise in fire protection and the construction industry, setting a professional goal to deepen his knowledge in these areas.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys fishing. His passion for fishing reflects his patience, determination, and appreciation for the outdoors.

Scott’s dedication to his role as an estimator, coupled with his commitment to continuous learning and industry advancement, contributes to the success and positive culture of the DEM FIRE team.


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