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DEM excels at innovative, flexible and futureproof fire systems design and excellence in essential services. We know fire protection inside out. With over 40 years' experience, we have established ourselves as industry leaders and are trusted to provide superior, long-term solutions for leading organisations in the education, commercial & retail, storage & logitstics, industrial manufacturing, hospitality & tourism, residential strata and public venues sectors.

Our clients are in diverse spheres ... but have common needs. They require exceptional fire protection from a qualified and certified professional. And they value our holistic approach that covers every aspect of solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

Trinity Grammar fire system upgrade

Trinity Grammar fire system upgrade in Summer Hills, New South Wales, was a comprehensive and technically challenging project conducted over 16 months in a live environment.

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How a fire protection in education solution saved a school from burning

DEM Fire’s leading fire protection solution in education saved a Sydney school from burning when the intelligent fire system detected and triggered the necessary alarms that alerted occupants, evacuated the school and ultimately extinguished the fire.

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Humble lessons learnt in commercial property fire protection services

DEM Fire has been leading the fire safety and protection in commercial property charge in NSW, Australia for over two decades. Read more about how lessons we continue to learn that set us apart keep our moral compass pointing due north.

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Fast-response fire protection services keep Broadway Shopping Centre open

DEM Fire has long-standing expertise across fire prevention services. We’re here 24/7 for premium breakdown and emergency response. We recently responded to a call-out regarding a sprinkler system issue at Broadway Shopping Centre.

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Nitrogen vortex firefighting system for logistics and data protection sectors.

We explore how innovative technology has influenced the application of eco-friendly nitrogen vortex firefighting systems in fire prevention and intelligent fire system design, where they are commonly used and how it’s leading the charge in the industry.

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Fire safety solutions for leading manufacturer, Trend Pac

We have been operating for over four decades and plan to work with our clients long-term. One of our newer clients is niche Sydney manufacturer and successful family business,  Trend Pac, who we continue to build a long-term relationship with.

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How DEM Fire identified and rectified a potential retail risk

Shopping centres in Australia attract more than just shoppers. They have become destinations for remote work, stable internet connectivity and family days out. Accurate, experienced and accredited fire essential services and expertise in the retail sector is critical.

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Large scale fire safety maintenance for Stadium Australia

Our expert fire safety maintenance for Stadium Australia is a mammoth task requiring comprehensive capability and major logistical coordination. Our team provides first-class fire safety maintenance and fire compliance.

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Fire safety and fire system design in commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens can be one of the most hazardous fire risks in any tourism or hospitality establishment and it is critical to manage fire prevention strategies to protect these assets and the audience that frequent them.

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