DEM Fire expands our premium project team

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DEM Fire has delivered first-class fire protection for decades, and in recent years we’ve focused on solidifying our capability across fire prevention design and installation.

Early in 2020, we reported that we had appointed James Kingi as Project and Design Leader with DEM Fire, to supervise the delivery of major and minor projects for sprinkler fitting, fire protection and alarm systems – and to oversee new processes to streamline and improve operations.

We’re pleased to advise that our new processes have helped us deliver our comprehensive and compliant fire protection projects more efficiently, and we’re now building on that capability with the appointment of several new team members.

Introducing Kamal Adhikari

Kamal Adhikari is a newly appointed Senior Fire Systems Designer with DEM Fire. His role involves the design of fire suppression systems, detection and alarm systems, emergency warning systems and hydrant and hose reel systems. He is also a FPAS accredited Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP).

“I work across various projects on areas including fire hydrant, fire hose and sprinkler system design,” Kamal says. “My experience spans fire systems design in hospitals, residential, retail infrastructure, critical facilities, defence, high rise properties and universities, plus project management and commissioning.”

With ten years’ experience in fire protection and fire safety, working for companies and as a consultant, Kamal has a comprehensive knowledge of fire protection design, system installation and compliance.

Introducing Bob Asrardel

As a Fire Systems Design Engineer with DEM Fire, Bob Asrardel delivers tailored solution design for large projects. His role includes technical data assessment, completion of zone block plans and provision of fire compliance certificates for our customers.

Bob qualified as a mechanical engineer but made the switch to fire prevention about fifteen years ago. “I was applying for jobs and saw an engineering role in fire services. At the time, I wasn’t sure what fire services involved… but it changed my life. I love working as a fire protection engineer.”

Bob has extensive fire prevention experience in oil and gas projects in the Middle East and he is highly skilled in solution design. He is passionate about delivering premium fire-protection projects for every DEM Fire client.

Introducing Dylan Stephens

Dylan Stephens has worked in fire protection and prevention for nearly his entire career. “I was a carpenter initially but had a friend who decided to go into fire protection. It was a bit like a phantom trade as no one really knew what was involved, but it sounded interesting.”

Dylan completed his apprenticeship before studying fire systems engineering so he could focus on solution design. Now a Project Manager with DEM Fire, he is responsible for end-to-end delivery of sprinkler systems and dry (electrical) fire prevention systems.

“I’m there from the start of each project. I organise isolation permits and insurances for our team on site. I oversee delivery during the middle phase.

And I’m there when it wraps up, organising commissioning and signing off on installation certificates.”

Dylan is passionate about delivering exceptional projects – and customer service. “I really enjoy helping our customers understand the systems and what’s going on. I get a kick out of that.”

Introducing Mandy Li

Mandy Li is a DEM Fire Projects Estimator, a role that involves assessing design drafts, calculating components and tracking fire safety standards.

A former mechanical engineer working in manufacturing, Mandy switched to fire protection after seeing news reports of a fatality during an apartment fire in Sydney. “I wanted to use my knowledge of buildings to help ensure things like that don’t happen,” says Mandy, “so I decided to move into fire prevention.”

Mandy is detail-orientated and passionate about first-class fire prevention. She ensures she completes every job to exacting standards, and to deadline.

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Delivering exceptional projects

The DEM Fire project team provides first-class design and installation of fire protection services for new builds or refurbishments of existing properties, including shopping centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants and residential apartment towers.

Our expanded project team consists of project managers, administrators, estimators, wet fire technicians, who specialise in sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, hoses and fire suppression systems, and dry fire technicians, who work across fire detection systems, fire extinguishers and fire indicator panels.

Please contact us if you need exceptional and comprehensive fire protection for your project. Read more DEM Fire articles.

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