Innovative pre-action sprinkler system for Trend Pac

DEM Fire has recently completed the design and installation of an innovative pre-action sprinkler fire protection system introducing a bespoke design solution for long-standing client Trend Pac.

The family-owned and operated business, established in 1963, initially commissioned our team to maintain the whole gamut of fire protection systems. This includes fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and warning systems, special hazard suppression systems, extinguishers, fire hose reels, hydrants and passive fire protection elements such as fire doors. We have also looked after fire compliance and the annual fire safety statements for Trend Pac.

Who is Trend Pac?

Trend Pac is a niche Australian manufacturer that offers a complete product creation service. It has a fully equipped laboratory and experienced staff in research and development and quality assurance to formulate, develop, manufacture and package in-the-home and personal care products across Australia and New Zealand. It’s a complete turnkey, third-party manufacturer offering warehousing and logistics services.

The fire protection project

We are responsible for regular inspection testing at Trend Pac’s factory. Based on a recent insurance requirement update, we needed to find a solution to protect their plastic injection moulding production.

We designed and installed a pre-action sprinkler system that uses sophisticated technology that requires two elements to set it off. The system uses a dry pipe that stores compressed air. If a sprinkler head activates, the pressure drop engages the water from the main valve to a certain point before it enters the room. A smoke detection system integrates into the pre-action sprinkler system, so if this activates too, the system knows to release the water.

Why did Trend Pac need the pre-action system?

Like many others across the country, the Trend Pac factory is large, with multiple machines responsible for significant production output. False alarms and accidental sprinkler activation are disruptive and can be devastating.

As these machines operate at extremely high temperatures using electrical components, the risk of a fire sprinkler system hitting a machine could have dire consequences, even an explosion. The fire protection system must be able to hold the water from the room unless it knows a fire needs suppression.

DEM Fire’s unparalleled service

To meet the high production demands of Trend Pac, we needed to work around a tight schedule. The team undertook the project outside working hours, over weekends and public holidays to ensure they got the job done with limited impact on production.

“We understand that many of our customers can’t afford production downtime as time is money, at the end of the day,” says General Manager Gary Marshall.

Testament to our commitment to fire protection and essential services

Our team is committed to researching and developing fire safety and fire protection solutions that meet today’s business and industry demands. We adapt to and embrace technology and product innovation, ensuring our solutions remain ahead of the industry curve.

To find a solution that meets the unique needs of your business, contact our team of fire safety experts today.

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