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DEM Fire is an expert in fire protection – and we know that effective fire prevention planning is crucial for every business.

Workplace fires can damage property, equipment and records which can adversely impact business performance. And, of course, they pose a major risk to people’s lives.

To protect your business – and provide a robust safety solution for your staff and clients – you need comprehensive and compliant fire protection that includes regular maintenance and testing of all fire equipment on site.

With our holistic approach to fire protection spanning solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance, our team is very clear on what fire protection equipment is best for every commercial space… including every type of office.

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Alarms and fire protection systems

Fire detection systems and sprinklers may be a legal requirement for your business dependant on your building classification, height, floor area, occupancies above, below or adjacent, and any other significant risk factors. They may be preferred or required by your insurance company. And they are certainly a good risk management option regardless.

Detection and sprinkler systems work as part of wider fire protection systems and the best fire protection solution for your office will depend on your size, location and sector. An architect’s office may require a quite different setup to a restaurant for instance, and a small office will obviously need something distinct from a commercial high-rise.

Fire protection solutions may include a combination of emergency warning systems, fire alarm and detection systems, fire sprinkler protection systems and hazard suppression systems. Overarching fire protection solutions will likely also include fire pumps, hydrants and hose reels, fire doors, fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

DEM Fire provides full risk assessment and tailored fire protection solutions that include the installation plus regular maintenance and testing of equipment and all alarm and response systems.

Supplies of Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers and equipment

Every commercial property is likely to require an inventory of fire equipment – determined by the function, size and layout of the business.

Fire extinguishers and blankets are essential to help put out small fires quickly and clear a path to emergency exits. And all businesses require exit signage and emergency lighting in the event of power failure during a fire.

There is no one fire extinguisher that will work on all fires – which is something that all staff need to be aware of. Australia has five types of fire extinguisher – water, foam, dry powder, dry powder – high performance, carbon dioxide (CO2) and wet chemical. There are also six classes of fire – A (combustible materials), B (flammable liquids), C (flammable gases), D (combustible metals), E (electrical fires) and F (cooking oils). Each extinguisher is suitable for one or more fire classes.

Our Accredited And Expert Designers

Regulations and compliance

As business owners or managers, it is important to understand that fire protection must adhere to strict industry standards. A schedule of essential measures is determined in the planning process for a property and the ongoing occupation compliance of those measures is required to be submitted to council in the form of an annual fire statement.

Maintenance of fire equipment such as fire extinguishers is mandatory under Environmental Planning and Assessment regulation 2000. And there are a whole suite of Australian Standards that specify installation and maintenance of fire equipment, for example AS 2444 which relates to installation of fire extinguishers, and AS1851 which relates to regular inspection and testing.

When we design a fire protection solution for a new construction, we consider all aspects of Fire system compliance in order to be able to provide CDC (Complying Development Certification) management as required by State Environmental Planning Policy. We conduct site assessments, submit concept drawings, and we work to the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards.

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Maintaining safety with superior solutions

DEM Fire delivers award-winning and exceptional fire and essential services that meet all NSW and Australian certification industry standards.

As part of our comprehensive fire protection services, we provide end-to-end project management – from risk assessment to site auditing and fire compliance, including annual fire safety certification.

DEM Fire is a leader in fire and essential services, and we always deliver excellence in fire protection for commercial clients across wide sectors. So, if you need premium fire protection for your office, contact us for comprehensive, fully compliant and superior solutions. Read more Fire Protection articles.

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