Nitrogen vortex firefighting system

Man operating a nitrogen firefighting system

When thinking about extinguishing a fire, the last thing on your mind would be the idea of minimal water, yet this is exactly what the nitrogen vortex firefighting system is.

As technology has enforced the need for server rooms and data centres, so has the traditional firefighting system evolved.

Experts have designed and developed systems that consider the environment and assets they’re intended to protect.

What is a nitrogen vortex firefighting system?

A nitrogen vortex firefighting system is an advanced fire protection system for special hazards. It uses equal volumes of water and nitrogen to extinguish fires, so water does not saturate the contents of the environment, making them inoperable.

Traditionally, fire fighters use water or gas suppression systems to fight fires. With the advances in fire suppression technology, the nitrogen vortex firefighting system uses the best of both and works on an alarm.

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How does a nitrogen vortex firefighting system work?

We use nitrogen in fire suppression systems as it is non-combustible, which means it cannot ignite. It also absorbs heat and removes oxygen, hence its use in fire extinguishers.

Once a fire alarm activates, the system mixes equal portions of nitrogen and distilled water. This pressure creates a mist that disseminates from the nozzle under pressure, creating a pattern effect similar to a vortex, hence the system’s naming convention. The mist suppresses the fire without any water actually entering the room.

Based on a site inspection with engineers and our fire experts, we conduct a fire risk assessment to define the volume of water and nitrogen that will be required to protect the assets. The solution we design and install is fire compliant.

Which environments need a nitrogen vortex firefighting system?

The nitrogen vortex firefighting system is the newest technology in fire protection and essential services. At DEM Fire, we have been proactively designing and installing these systems in data centres and server rooms across the region as the decrease in the volume of water discharged significantly reduces the risk of damaging hardware and technical components.

The nitrogen vortex system is environmentally sustainable and is also suitable for use in power, automotive, mining and industrial facilities, museums and libraries.

Benefits of using a nitrogen vortex firefighting system

We encourage our customers to consider the nitrogen vortex firefighting system as, aside from its environmental and damage-reducing properties, it eliminates the costly maintenance, equipment and testing requirements associated with traditional gas fire suppression systems.

The nitrogen vortex firefighting system technology is new to the fire protection industry here in Australia and worldwide. It would be a good idea to contact our team of fire safety experts about your fire protection and fire prevention needs to find out whether this system could work for you.

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