Introducing our in-house fire safety experts

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DEM Fire stands apart from other fire companies with a dedicated in-house team of fire safety experts, including accredited practitioners, tradesmen and professional support staff.

As we’ve previously reported, this enables us to provide end-to-end solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance without outsourcing to contractors – which is key to maintaining quality and efficient project delivery.

We’re delighted to introduce you to just a few of our expert team members who together deliver first-class, safe and compliant fire protection for every customer.

The passive fire specialist

As DEM Fire’s Passive Fire Team Leader, Hasan Erdogan supervises our passive fire specialists and oversees service delivery to ensure passive fire elements in properties consistently meet all fire compliance requirements. An accredited fire practitioner, Hasan ran his own passive fire installation business prior to joining DEM Fire.

Passive fire protection utilises construction elements and compartmentalisation to limit the effects of fire within a building by acting as a barrier to fire and smoke or protecting structural components that may cause early collapse.

Hasan works with the DEM Fire asset protection team, which monitors and tests all installed fire system components, including passive fire protection.

“If our team detects passive fire failures in a property, we then run a complete rectification project to ensure the building is fully compliant and safe,” explains Hasan.

In addition to long-standing experience, Hasan has a passion for fire protection – and exceptional customer solutions. “I really enjoy exceeding expectations, both the customers’ and my own,” he says. “I get a lot of satisfaction from mastering things and knowing that I’ve done the best I possibly can.”

The fire system designer

Kamal Adhikari is a Senior Fire Systems Designer with over ten years’ experience in fire prevention. He designs sprinkler systems, alarm systems, emergency warning systems and fire detection systems, and he is a fully accredited Accredited Practioner (Fire Safety)  (APFS).

“My experience spans fire structure and fire system design in hospitals, residential, critical facilities, defence, high rise properties and universities, plus project management and commissioning.”

Kamal initially gained a degree in architecture before moving into system design and completing postgraduate studies in fire safety engineering – two apparently distinct fields that do have a commonality.

“I enjoy looking at the connection between every part of a building such as fire and electrical. I think having that background helps me design better fire systems and serve our clients better.”

Kamal is part of our projects team, which designs and installs fire protection services for new builds or refurbishments of existing commercial properties, including shopping centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants and residential apartment towers.

The electrical expert

As Electrical Service Team Leader with DEM Fire, Ben Cross joined us after a long history in the fire protection industry working in and around fire alarm systems.

“I’ve been in the fire industry for 15 years. I’ve worked at a few companies, and my main background is in service and fire alarm systems – installing, service, programming,” explains Ben.

Ben is part of DEM Fire’s electrical department. He liaises with clients and supervises our field technicians, ensuring they have all the tools and information needed to provide our expert system installation, asset management and fire compliance services.

Ben followed his father into the fire industry after discovering he enjoyed the technical aspects of fire electrical over standard electrical work. “It’s much more involved, and there are always new regulations, new systems, new technology,” he adds.

“It’s very satisfying when you can continue to challenge yourself, learn and grow.”

Industry leading fire prevention

Tom Marshall, DEM Fire Co-Founder and Managing Director, believes our team is what sets us apart as a leading provider of fire and essential services.

“Many fire companies are set up with a business director who has limited understanding or exposure to the fire industry, and contractors to do each stage of the work. We’re the opposite of that. We have decades of experience and a full team of accredited fire practitioners, tradesmen and support staff – so we have all bases covered.”

At DEM Fire, we provide fully tailored fire prevention services – and we’re dedicated to expert, safe and compliant solutions for every customer.

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