Maria Vu

Testing and Compliance Manager

Maria Vu is our Testing and Compliance Manager at DEM Fire. She has over 10 years of experience in the fire industry and has worked across multiple disciplines, including service operations, contracts and account management, sales, product development, client relationship management, business management, estimation and customer service.

Maria is an exceptional manager with a very keen eye for detail, making her the ideal fit as a testing and compliance manager at DEM Fire. Having previously worked in roles within the fashion and textile industry, as well as flooring and construction, she has a thorough understanding of managing fast-moving and high-volume projects that require highly developed organisational and communication skills.

Her natural dedication to her work and commitment to excellence ensure DEM Fire testing and compliance functions are in the safest of hands.

“I really value working with like-minded colleagues who genuinely care about the fire safety of their clients’ people, buildings, and assets,” says Maria. “Going to work each day knowing that the people I work with are invested in best practice and providing exceptional outcomes for our clients drives me to continually improve my standards and be the best leader I can.”

Outside of work, Maria has a real eye for style. She is a passionate designer and stylist, bringing a touch of class and functionality to everything she does.


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