Large-scale project success for DEM Fire and ESR

We’re excited to share the recent project success we had with a partnership between ourselves and leading global asset manager, ESR. At DEM Fire, we’re experts in managing large-scale property portfolios such as theirs, and we’re proud to say that this collaboration was a significant triumph.

ESR’s portfolio has grown immensely in recent years, and after acquiring ARA to become APAC’s largest real asset manager, they invited us to support them by managing their expanding portfolio of properties with our signature approach – being efficient and proactive.

Giving DEM Fire the chance to grow

This partnership expanded our own portfolio from nine commercial properties to 35 industrial and commercial properties – one of which is the largest industrial park in Yennora. In tendering for this work, we found it stimulating to demonstrate our ability to provide enough resources and capacity to match the standard and scope of work required.

We easily tackled the stringent reporting requirements necessary for this level of work, including the integration of asset management systems within the first 60 days of project kick-off and the completion of asset reports for each property, which became the foundational document for our partnership.

Handling large projects successfully

DEM Fire has worked on a number of large-scale projects in the past, from shopping centres and stadiums to apartment blocks and even manufacturing plants. So we understand the crucial importance of effective asset management processes, and were able to apply our holistic fire protection design and delivery management to ESR’s expanding portfolio.

Our expertise lies in understanding project needs and being able to allocate strong labour and skill sets to suit those needs. So during this project, we successfully showcased our ability to project manage successfully with lots of moving parts across the various properties in our scope.

Necessary skills in project management

It’s essential to consider the ratio of hours and number of jobs involved, particularly during the testing phase as this is a very labour-intensive process. We also implemented our round-the-clock breakdown response that comes with our asset management solution, so ESR can feel secure knowing they have access to our fast-response emergency breakdown support.

In working with various lead partners at ESR, they each played a vital role in developing the relationship between our companies and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Their experience and expertise in property management were invaluable; we’re grateful for their appreciable contributions.

Thank you to our DEM Fire team

Our team at DEM Fire was also essential to the success of the partnership. Managing large-scale properties is challenging work, but our team members have the skills and expertise required to do it effectively.

ESR’s flat facilities management team approach also impressed us. Despite their size, they were incredibly responsive and worked closely with us, which allowed us to be nimble and efficient – a crucial element in our line of work.

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We’re incredibly proud of this partnership’s success and the positive impact it had on ESR’s portfolio. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to emphasise our skills and abilities in managing large-scale properties.

As the project comes to a close, we’re thrilled to have played a crucial role in ESR’s future success, and we’re excited to see what will come next.

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