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Key people in key roles are what every organisation strives for. DEM Fire is in the business of providing fire safety services, and our commitment to excellence is non-negotiable. To maintain the highest standards of safety and integrity, we’ve developed a team of highly specialised experts across all functional units, dedicated to securing optimal outcomes for our clientele.

In fire safety services, the placement of key individuals in pivotal roles is of paramount significance. These individuals possess the technical acumen and specialised expertise required to make crucial decisions and execute essential tasks with utmost precision.

Their roles encompass fire risk assessment, comprehensive fire solution design, regulatory compliance and the implementation of advanced safety measures. They ensure they meet fire-related challenges with efficiency and efficacy, minimising potential hazards and maximising the safety of occupants and assets. Their competence is integral to safeguarding lives and property, making their placement in key roles an indispensable component of any comprehensive fire safety strategy.

Engineer with tablet check red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system.

Essential expertise in developing solution design

DEM Fire has established a formidable track record in delivering fire safety solution designs across a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from modest undertakings to intricate fire prevention systems for diverse structures such as apartment buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, schools, logistics and industrial manufacturing facilities, and stadiums. Our accomplished team of award-winning engineers spearheads the industry, holding full accreditation in strict compliance with New South Wales legislative requisites.

Our competence extends to the complete life cycle of fire safety solutions, encompassing design, installation and maintenance of an array of systems, including but not limited to sprinkler systems, pre-action sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, detection and alarm systems, emergency warning systems and hydrant and hose reel systems. We meticulously configure these systems, employing state-of-the-art or tailor-made technology.

We centre our approach on cultivating enduring partnerships with our clients, underpinned by an agile and time-efficient project execution guided by our in-house team of fire experts. This collaboration ensures the creation of bespoke fire safety systems aligned with the unique requirements of your business. The result is a cost-effective, secure and industry-leading fire protection solution underpinned by the expertise of our in-house fire specialists.

Two engineers checking the fire alarm system panel

Technical experts backed by natural relationship builders

At DEM Fire we support our technical expertise with a focus on building and nurturing positive and beneficial client relationships. Our technical competence, honed through rigorous training and hands-on experience, empowers our team to navigate complex challenges. This expertise underpins informed decision-making, innovative problem-solving and the ability to engineer state-of-the-art solutions.

We complement our team’s technical expertise with exceptional relationship-building skills. Establishing and nurturing strong connections with clients opens lines of communication. This, in turn, leads to a more comprehensive understanding of specific needs and objectives, allowing our technical experts to tailor their solutions with a keen focus on client and industry requirements. The synergy of technical skill and relationship-building drives innovation and paves the way for enduring partnerships.

Engineer pointing out the fire exit plan

FPAS accredited

DEM Fire has evolved from a family-run enterprise into a formidable team of over 80 professionals. We pride ourselves on our dedication to maintaining an entirely in-house workforce, ensuring that our clients benefit from a comprehensive and cohesive approach to their fire safety needs.

Our team of fire safety experts represents a medley of expertise, spanning diverse sectors and holding intricate knowledge of all pertinent Australian industry standards.

This multidisciplinary proficiency enables us to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of a diverse clientele.

Evolving regulations, particularly in New South Wales, have introduced stringent requirements mandating full accreditation for fire safety practitioners responsible for evaluating and endorsing Annual Fire Safety Statements. DEM Fire stands at the forefront of compliance, with a distinct competitive edge – we are one of the select few fire protection companies having FPAS Accredited Practitioners in both Fire Design and Fire Safety within our in-house team. This dual accreditation ensures that our clients benefit from unrivalled technical proficiency, coupled with the ability to foster enduring partnerships.

When you want to work with a highly qualified and comprehensive team that has a qualified workforce to cover any scope of fire safety projects, talk to us today. We put your needs first.

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