Upskilling the DEM Fire Inspection and Testing Team

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DEM Fire strives to be uncompromising in our commitment to fire safety, and central to our expertise across solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance is a first-class team.

We regularly update staff skills to ensure our team has leading capability across all aspects of fire prevention – including latest industry developments. To that end, several team members have gained accreditations under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS).

FPAS currently covers the Fire Systems Design, Fire Systems Certification, Inspect and Test and Fire Safety Assessment.

Most recently, our Testing and Inspection Team has been working through a number of FPAS accredited courses supplied by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) to ensure they have the knowledge to deliver first-class fire protection for every customer.

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FPA Inspect and Test accreditation

The FPA ‘Inspect and Test’ class accredits participants who perform inspection and testing activities as part of essential safety measures in the fire protection industry. The scheme focuses on activities associated with the essential safety measures covered in ten categories, including fire sprinkler systems, hydrant systems, fire detection and alarm systems, gaseous fire suppression systems and portable fire equipment.

Typical work undertaken by an Inspect and Test team includes the physical examination of fire protection systems and equipment to ensure they have the correct settings and are operational, followed by testing to confirm full and effective functionality.

The FPA’S Inspect and Test class covers two levels of accreditation: Routine Level (R) and Complex Level (C), defined by FPA as follows:

  • Routine (R) Level accreditation – for activities conducted up to and including six monthly, as described in AS 1851-2012.
  • Complex (C) Level accreditation – includes activities for Routine Level (R), plus other activities conducted annually as described in AS 1851-2012.
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DEM Fire successful participants

As part of our holistic approach to fire prevention, DEM Fire implements long-term and comprehensive strategies tailored to each customer. Maintaining a skilled Inspection and Testing workforce is crucial for client safety, and we consistently seek to improve data, processes and skills for optimum efficiency.

To that end, we signed up several of our young testers for FPA classes last year, including:

  • Juan Miguel Calderon
  • Bradley Cookson
  • Bradley Day
  • Jarrod Fosker
  • Jayan Govender
  • Jason Rutherford
  • Daniel Thompson

We’re pleased to advise that this group is soon to complete the Inspect and Test accreditation – and will then move onto further courses.

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FPAS CFSP accreditation

As we reported last year, 2017 legislation amendments now require all team members who conduct Annual Fire Safety Statements to gain accreditation as ‘competent fire safety practitioners’ (CFSPs).

Our first two participants, Mick McGrath, DEM Fire’s Compliance and Accounts Manager, and Anthony Carroll, Compliance Officer, completed all mandatory assessments and gained accreditation late last year.

We are now building on that capability and our Inspection and Testing team is set to commence the FPAS CFSP assessors’ qualification in various fire systems.

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Building our industry-leading team

At DEM Fire, we’re committed to excellence – and to ensure expert fire protection, we make team improvement one of our priorities.

Our regular staff training attracts solid team players looking for career growth, and it helps ensure that qualified and skilled team members are available for first-rate solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

For fire prevention solutions from a skilled and dedicated team, please contact us. Read more Annual Fire Safety Statement articles.

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