Haaris Vhora

Fire Maintenance Supervisor

Haaris Vhora is the Fire Maintenance Supervisor at DEM Fire. He has over 10 years working in the fire sector. As a successful fire officer, technician and fire alarms team leader, he has the experience and expertise to act professionally and with complete competence in his role as a fire maintenance supervisor.

Haaris has formal qualifications with a Bachelor of Science (Fire) degree and a genuine passion for keeping the community and property safe from fire. His focus on the well-being of other people and their property inspires him to perform at his best.

Haaris sees the fire maintenance and protection industry as constantly evolving. As regulations and legislation continually shift due to public safety requirements and government action, the industry requires qualified and experienced people to ensure the continued integrity of the fire services industry so it remains buoyant and valued.

“The best part of working for DEM Fire is the people,” says Haaris. “As a family business, each team member pulls together without compromise. Colleagues are always available to help, and as a team we look out for each other and make sure everybody is working to their best abilities. We provide the necessary support structure to ensure everybody enjoys their work and has the required level of pride in their workmanship.”

Outside of work, Haaris is keen on maintaining his fitness with regular gym sessions and has spent years mastering the moonwalk made famous by the late and great Michael Jackson.


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