Fire systems maintenance

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Fire systems maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings and effective asset management is a cornerstone approach at DEM Fire. It’s not merely a supplementary task; it’s an essential proactive measure within our integrated strategy.

With real-time visibility and a superior fire protection infrastructure, we prepare an Annual Fire Safety Certification, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for building and facility owners and managers.

Successful and compliant maintenance of fire protection systems demands a comprehensive approach.

At DEMFire, we deploy sophisticated fire prevention and fire detection systems and carefully monitor every facet of installed systems, delivering a culture of vigilance for ourselves and our clients.

Within these systems lie a myriad of intricacies. The complexity is undeniable, from multiple detection mechanisms to emergency warning systems and sprinkler setups. Thousands of assets, ranging from fire doors to alarms, hydrants, blankets and extinguishers, necessitate stringent oversight to ensure acceptable functionality.

Our experience working with large-scale projects, including shopping centres and sprawling industrial manufacturing plants, shows we understand the importance of streamlined asset management processes.

Using technology to drive innovation

At DEM Fire, we harness the power of innovative technology. Our proprietary service management system, named Workforce, employs cutting-edge barcode technology to track each asset in real time. This advanced system, bolstered by state-of-the-art management software, empowers us to deliver a comprehensive monitoring service that surpasses industry standards.

We acknowledge the inevitability of unforeseen circumstances. To safeguard customers, our fire systems maintenance and asset management framework includes seven-day, round-the-clock emergency breakdown and phone support.

In an emergency or breakdown, our team is 100% responsive. Our swift actions diagnose faults. We conduct a thorough analysis and provide comprehensive reports to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently.

Fire system maintenance putting you first

Our fire system maintenance and asset management begins when we take you on as a client. And it continues through the planning, design and system installation phase.

With a premium fire protection system in place and asset management about to start, we coordinate with you to provide pre-commencement meetings, team familiarisation and site inductions.

Our experts will work with your people to ensure your fire system maintenance and essential services are integrated with your facility and business. We provide regular life cycles and conditional reporting so you can clearly understand your systems and equipment at every stage and anticipate maintenance and replacement dates.

We plan for the long term so you can monitor your systems for optimum fire protection, safety, security and cost-effectiveness.

DEM Fire has extensive expertise and experience in maintaining fire protection systems and asset management. Our professional technical team takes a forward-thinking approach, focusing on long-term planning and strategic vision that will provide future protection and maintain the highest compliance standards. It is our business to take care of your assets.

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