Trinity Grammar fire system upgrade

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Trinity Grammar fire system upgrade in Summer Hills, New South Wales, was a comprehensive and technically challenging project conducted over 16 months in a live environment.

This significant fire system upgrade installation project involved installing a new sprinkler system, tanks, pumps, and an advanced detection and warning system throughout the newly constructed staff office building, underground car park, and maintenance facility.

The primary challenge lies in executing these fire system upgrades without compromising the safety of the school’s occupants.

With classrooms and other areas requiring continuous protection, the project team maintained live sprinkler and detection systems while integrating the new installations. This necessitated advanced planning and coordination to transition from old to new systems without compromising the integrity of fire security throughout the site.

A team comprising six to eight sprinkler fitters and five to six electricians/dry fire technicians tackled the project. Their responsibilities ranged from initial contingency works to integrating new systems. The team worked in phases throughout the fire system upgrade project, stepping in at crucial construction milestones to execute their tasks effectively while working with other construction trades.

Upgrading technology

A notable aspect was adopting cutting-edge technology from AmPAC, including their latest EWis panel, the Vacuum Elite. This touch-screen panel represented a significant upgrade over its predecessor, offering enhanced functionality and user experience. However, its installation required adapting to new configurations and software, highlighting the team’s adaptability and technical expertise.

The scope of the fire system upgrade extended beyond the new buildings, encompassing the integration of fire safety systems across the entire school campus.

This included connecting the fire panel in the new maintenance building to the existing school network and extending occupant warning and dry fire coverage to previously unprotected areas.

The comprehensive design and planning phase was a crucial aspect of the project’s success, involving detailed calculations to determine tank and pump sizing and the strategic placement of booster points to optimise the system’s effectiveness under the Australian standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Engineer with tablet check red generator pump for water sprinkler piping and fire alarm control system

Solid partnerships and organisation

The project’s success relied on solid partnerships with suppliers and efficient supply chain management. By collaborating closely with suppliers and providing clear timelines, the team ensured timely delivery of essential equipment like tanks and pumps. Additionally, strategic planning allowed for the pre-purchase and storage of materials, mitigating rising costs for the client.

The project delivered a state-of-the-art fire system infrastructure that met or exceeded all regulatory standards.

Integrating new fire systems with existing infrastructure ensured uninterrupted protection for school occupants. It showcased the team’s ability to navigate complex challenges, adopt innovative solutions, and deliver exceptional results within a demanding educational environment.

The successful execution of this extensive commercial fire system upgrade project boiled down to several key elements.

DEM Fire’s capability to provide a complete turnkey solution. From initial consultation and assessment through supply and installation and final commissioning of the new fire system installation, DEM’s capability was invaluable to the project management team.
Extensive large-scale project experience. DEM’s reputation for delivering large-scale commercial, industrial and educational fire safety projects on time and budget is highly regarded in the industry. Our team is professional, qualified, and experienced.
Communication and systems. DEM Fire has invested heavily in communication systems, scheduling capability and staff training. This investment ensures customers are kept fully informed and confident in our on-site scheduling of technicians. We have superior administration systems that mitigate risks and keep projects moving forward.
Cost-effectiveness. With an extensive team of full-time technicians, DEM Fire provides outstanding, cost-effective solutions without the burden of 3rd party interventions. Our warehousing enables us to preorder and quarantine stock against material shortages and price rises.

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