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As a leader in fire prevention services – and with our origins in a family business, DEM Fire knows that a company’s strength relies on robust processes… and dedicated people. Our project team has expertise across all aspects of fire prevention design and installation. And they are committed to completing every project to exceptional quality.

James Kingi, Project and Design Leader, and Scott Wootton, Fire Systems Projects Manager, are two of our newest team members. They have been overseeing new processes to streamline and improve operations – and it’s already making an impact.

“It’s an exciting time for the project team,” says Scott. “We’ve pressed the reset button in some areas to look at processes afresh and redesign if needed. We’re already starting to see positive results and I think we will develop the project side of our business substantially over the next twelve months.”

Introducing James

Introducing James

James has been with DEM Fire since November 2019, and he brings a wealth of fire protection project experience. He has a longstanding background in sprinkler fitting and design, and he managed his own essential services company for several years.

As Project and Design Leader with DEM Fire, James supervises the delivery of major and minor projects for sprinkler fitting, fire protection and alarm systems, and that involves tracking technical data, design requirements and budgets, procurement plus labour coordination.

James enjoys both the variety of projects and the team environment. “I enjoy working in a team, and we all work really well together here. We communicate very well, and what also stands out for me is the level of integrity across the company.”

Introducing Scott

Introducing Scott

Scott is a former electrician who now specialises in fire protection design and commission, and at DEM Fire he works with James across projects for diverse clients. “James is running the project team and I’m supporting him,”  he says. “He oversees the entire team and looks after the wet fire side, and I look after detection and delivery which includes aspects such as smoke extract systems, VESDA aspirating systems and smoke clearance.”

Scott specialises in major projects and he likes the complexity of large-scale design, and the associated challenges. He’s also enjoying being part of a refreshed – and energised – project team.

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Delivering DEM Fire Projects

The DEM Fire project team focuses on the design and installation of fire protection services for new builds or refurbishments of existing commercial properties. “We conceive the overall plan, produce a concept design, price every project to suit the staging of works and schedules, and oversee design and installation to ensure a compliant and fully certified job,” says James.

The scope of a project can vary significantly, he explains. “From concept through to installation, a smaller project can take as little as a couple of days. A larger project could be ongoing for more than a year.”

Project clients include developers and tier one to tier three builders of commercial, residential and industrial properties such as shopping centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants and residential apartment towers.

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Positive change for future potential

The DEM Fire project team comprises around 18 staff.

In addition to the project managers, there are administrators, estimators, wet fire technicians, who work with sprinkler fitters, fire hydrants, hoses and fire suppression systems, and dry fire technicians, who specialise in areas including fire detection systems, fire extinguishers and fire indicator panels.

“We’ve been looking at all our processes including documentation control and estimating to see if there are ways to operate more efficiently and more successfully,” explains Scott. “We’re analysing our skill sets to assess our strengths and weaknesses and looking at ways to address any potential limitations with additional training or improved processes.”

For both James and Scott, it’s been a fruitful process. “James has the capacity to transform this side of the business for the better,” says Scott. “He’s hit the ground running and we’re already seeing results. And I enjoy being involved in the creation of new processes and procedures right from the start.”

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Putting customer satisfaction first

James, Scott and the entire project team together have decades of experience across all aspects of fire and essential services. And they are committed to comprehensive services and exceptional results for both small and large projects across multiple sectors.

“I have a lot of faith in our project team and in our ability to do some really good things,” Scott says. “At the end of the day, I get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done… and from a happy customer.”

The DEM Fire project team is one arm of our comprehensive fire and essential services, that also includes asset management and ongoing fire compliance. So, if you need fire protection for construction, refurbishment or an established property, contact us for fully accredited and compliant solutions. Read more Fire Protection articles.

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