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As the term suggests, fire suppression quells property burning within a building. Distinct from portable fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, suppression systems are highly complex systems engineered to extinguish, contain and/or prevent fire spread in the event of an outbreak.

At DEM Fire, our leading team of fire suppression designers and engineers provide optimised suppression system solutions tailored to specific property type and application. We work closely with clients to understand your individual risks, needs, occupancies and operations, and the capability of an existing structure.

Here’s an overview of fire suppression systems, and our holistic approach to solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

Room installed with sprinkler

Understanding fire suppression

There are several types of fire suppression that include sprinkler systems and special hazard systems such as gas suppression, deluge, water mist and dry pipe systems.

Fire suppression systems work in partnership with other fire safety measures including alarm systems, fire equipment and passive fire protection, to provide a complete fire prevention solution.

As every client is different, so is each fire suppression solution. A sporting stadium may require several large-scale sprinkler systems, whereas a data centre or medical lab might need a less common, specific suppression solution.

Our skilled and fully accredited team design suppression systems that meet the Building Code of Australia, all relevant Australian Standards, insurance responsibilities – and client goals. We inspect every property at an early stage to tailor a solution design to mitigate all levels of risk.

For example, you may not be required by regulation to build a fire system however your insurance cover demands it, to protect valuable assets. This could be for expensive IT equipment, 3D printing, and data centres.

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With you for the lifespan of a fire system

As a specialist in fire prevention, we offer complete solutions for the life of the fire package. We take a holistic approach to fire prevention, so in addition to designing a tailored fire suppression solution, we provide full system installation plus ongoing asset management and fire compliance.

The DEM Fire team includes Accredited Practitioners (Fire Safety), design engineers, installers, and a full inspecting and testing team.

We manage all systems and maintenance services in-house, in line with the AS1851 standards, and conduct checks monthly, 6 monthly, yearly or as the system requires.

As a client’s needs change overtime, we can add more levels of protection, ensuring your asset is serving you throughout the system’s life cycle.

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Expertise to future-proof your property

Investing time and money into a fire suppression system is the best way to protect your property, and your business. Our team will provide you with complete fire prevention, to future-proof your building, and protect your staff, customers and property.

With comprehensive capability across all aspects of fire prevention, we provide comprehensive, compliant and efficient fire suppression solutions. We’re problem solvers, led by a shared responsibility to keep more Australian buildings safe.

For first-class fire protection from our skilled and certified team please contact us. Read more Fire Protection articles.

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