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With twenty years’ experience in fire safety and prevention, DEM Fire has worked across multiple industry sectors – and our diverse customers range from schools to shopping centres, stadiums and premiere performing arts companies.

One of our newer clients is niche Sydney manufacturer Trend Pac. We’re providing comprehensive fire safety maintenance and fire compliance for Trend Pac, and we look forward to building a long-term relationship with this very successful family business. As Tom Marshall, DEM Fire Managing Director, explains:

“We really enjoy building relationships with like-minded businesses like Trend Pac. They’re a family business, and I think they’re a great Australian manufacturing success story.”

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About Trend Pac

Trend Pac is a niche Australian manufacturer that fabricates, fills and distributes plastic bottles to companies across Australia and New Zealand.

It provides in-house formulation and product development in the home care and personal care segments, plus packaging design and manufacture, warehousing and logistics.

Established in a garage on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1963, Trend Pac is now a third-generation family business and a shining example of small business achievement. Peter McDowell, Trend Pac’s Site Services and Safety Manager, explains its comprehensive project management and product solutions.

“We’re a third-party manufacturer and a complete turnkey solution for liquid filling products. We provide an end-to-end service that includes the formulation of compound liquid materials, bottle design and manufacture, filling, packaging, labelling and distribution.”

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Making the connection

Trend Pac initially encountered DEM Fire through Family Business Australia, a support organisation for family businesses, of which DEM Fire is a member.

“We were looking for a new fire protection provider for a couple of months before our owner, Stephen Hyde, found DEM Fire through the family business organisation. DEM Fire has now been on board for a few months, and it’s been chalk and cheese compared to our previous provider.

They’re new to us and we’re new to them, but it’s been excellent,” says Peter. “DEM Fire’s service has been outstanding.”

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Asset management and fire compliance

DEM Fire now provides full asset management and fire compliance services for Trend Pac.

As Tom explains, “We maintain the full gamut of fire protection systems for Trend Pac, including fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and warning systems, special hazard suppression systems, extinguishers, fire hose reels, hydrants, and passive fire protection elements such as fire doors.

We’ll also be doing fire system modifications as required and looking after fire compliance, including the annual fire safety statements.”

“DEM Fire will maintain our fire protection assets and equipment, write reports and make sure we comply with all required standards,” adds Peter.

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Supporting family businesses

Tom explains that while DEM Fire is focused on excellence in fire protection for every client, the team is particularly excited to work with family business successes such as Trend Pac.

“The Australian government is interested in pushing Australian manufacturing, and I think Trend Pac is a great example. They’re doing really interesting and unique things, and they’re a real success story, having grown from a small, family business, to where they are now.”

Peter agrees that there is something special about a family business. “I was working for a multinational in my last role, and it’s a breath of fresh air to be back with a family business. Having worked for both, it’s clear to me that family businesses have a much better understanding of what needs to be done and how to get the job done.”

Like Trend Pac, DEM Fire is a family business committed to customer-focused and high-quality service solutions – with full capability in fire protection design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

Please contact us for your leading fire prevention solutions. Read more fire safety maintenance articles.

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