Fire safety management for the industrial sector

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DEM Fire is a leader in expert fire prevention for major Australian companies including Goodman, Stockman, Colliers, CBRE and Intermain. With comprehensive capability and broad expertise across multiple sectors, we understand precise industry needs and best practice for high quality and compliant fire prevention and essential services.

Fire safety management for the industrial sector entails understanding and responding to industrial fire hazards and ensuring you have an effective fire prevention plan.

The key elements of that include comprehensive solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

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Understanding industrial fire hazards

There is a significant number of materials used or stored in industrial workplaces – solids, liquid and gas – that are flammable or combustible.

Common triggers for industrial fires include:

  • Combustible dust – a solid material compound of combustible particles that can ignite when combined with oxygen and an ignition source – the major cause of industrial fires and explosions
  • Combustible fumes – storage of certain liquid materials within flammable and fume cupboards that have the potential to emit combustible fumes. The storage enclosure must meet specific AS storage standards. Eliminating the explosive potential via fire retarding systems including sprinklers and gaseous flame retardant must be incorporated with an adequate mechanical ventilation system designed to be fit for purpose.
  • Hot work – sparks associated with welding, cutting, soldering and other heat processes can travel over 10 metres and are particularly dangerous in the presence of combustible dust
  • Electrical hazards – include exposed or incorrect wiring, overloaded circuits and powerboards and static discharge
  • Flammable substances – most prevalent in chemical plants or distributors, flammable liquids and gases such as fuel, crude oil and acids require stringent storage processes to avoid ignition due to contact with electrical plugs or sparks from hot work
  • Faulty equipment – poor maintenance and incorrect installation can lead to fires triggered by electrical failure, particularly in machinery with moving parts prone to friction and sparks.
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A tailored fire design solution

At DEM Fire, our first stage in devising a solution design is a fire risk assessment. We then create a tailored fire protection design to mitigate all levels of risk and meet the precise needs of your warehouse or plant, including occupancies, operations and the capability of your existing structure.

Comprehensive fire protection requires a combination of fire prevention systems – alarm, fire detection and sprinkler systems – passive fire elements, equipment and a fire exit route to provide a safe exit for staff and visitors.

For an industrial site, we also take into account the position of sensitive equipment. We design a solution that targets any outbreak quickly and efficiently, whilst also best protecting engines, generators, production lines and cable tunnels, to minimise manufacturing or process disruption.

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Expert fire compliance

DEM Fire’s solution design and installation consistently meet the Building Code of Australia, all relevant Australian Standards and client insurance responsibilities.

Our in-house team of fire safety experts includes Accredited Practitioners (both Fire Safety and Fire Design), design engineers, installers, and a full inspecting and testing team. This enables us to efficiently oversee all fire compliance requirements – including inspection and testing for Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Fire compliance is crucial to ensure your plant or warehouse meets quality standards and that it responds to changing industry and company demands.

Long-term asset management

Regular asset maintenance is a key part of long-term fire safety management.

At DEM Fire, we have systems in place to allow us – and our customers – to monitor every aspect of installed systems, including multiple detection, emergency warning and sprinkler systems, plus thousands of assets including fire doors, alarms, hydrants, blankets and extinguishers.

For our large-scale projects, including shopping centres, stadiums and manufacturing plants, we employ a powerful service management system that barcodes and tracks each asset in real-time. With our state-of-the-art technology and an expert in-house team, we seamlessly maintain all fire safety assets and systems.

DEM Fire has the expertise to deliver the highest quality fire protection – and we’re committed to first-class solutions for every customer. Please contact us to discuss your industrial fire safety management.

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