Large scale fire safety maintenance for Stadium Australia

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DEM Fire began as a family business – and we’ve grown to become Australia’s leading independent provider of fire and essential services. With broad capability across solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance, we’re equipped for large-scale fire protection solutions. Our longstanding blue-chip clients include major shopping complexes… and sporting arenas such as Stadium Australia.

Our expert fire safety maintenance for Stadium Australia (formerly Allianz and ANZ Stadium) is a mammoth task, requiring both comprehensive capability and major logistical coordination.

Here’s how our team provides first-class fire safety maintenance and fire compliance for our premier national stadium.

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Servicing Stadium Australia

Constructed for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Stadium Australia is the regular venue for major sporting and entertainment events, attracting world and Australian attendance records for rugby league, AFL, soccer and a long list of performers including AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, U2, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift and Queen.

The stadium has a capacity of 83,500 (initially 110,000 before a reconfiguration to host additional sporting codes) and a remarkable design centred on the translucent saddle-shaped roof – and capacity to shift entire sections and change the stadium from a rectangular playing field to an oval-shaped arena in just hours.

DEM Fire has provided ongoing fire safety maintenance and fire compliance services to Stadium Australia for over five years, and servicing such an immense structure requires specialist capability.

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Asset maintenance by the numbers

Mick McGrath, DEM Fire’s Compliance and Accounts Manager, explains that management of fire safety for Stadium Australia is more complex than asset management for high rise properties or other commercial spaces, especially given the number of assets involved.

“The stadium has approximately 400 fire extinguishers, 200 hydrants, over 200 hose reels, over 1000 detectors, 20 sprinkler valve sets and 1400 fire doors,” he says.

“Each month, our team tests the fire panels, pumps and valve sets. Every six months we also test the fire doors, extinguishers, hydrants and hose reels, and we oversee the Annual Fire Safety Statements. For a size comparison, Stadium Australia has over 60 kitchen fire suppression systems. Most sites we see have between two and six.

The team also conducts a system interface test, a major task that involves coordination with several other service providers to test mechanical ventilation, security trips, fire shutters and so forth.”

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Overseeing Annual Fire Safety Statements

DEM Fire undertakes and submits all fire compliance requirements, including Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Property managers or owners must submit the statements to their local council every year and confirm that a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP) has inspected, assessed and verified each Fire Safety Measure applied to the property and listed in the Fire Safety Schedule held by council.

In the case of Stadium Australia, we appoint a team of 10 to 12 to assess, inspect and verify the huge number of fire extinguishers, hydrants, hose reels, sprinkler systems, fire doors and other fire safety measures.

“The quantity of assets is huge,” says Mick. “Our team works together over the course of several weeks to manage and complete all Annual Fire Safety requirements.”

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Expert fire protection solutions

At DEM Fire, we are dedicated to first-class fire protection services – and to ensure we deliver, we regularly update team skills.

We now have several certified CFSPs in addition to inspecting and testing technicians, fire door and passive fire specialists, fire system design engineers, installers – and other expert team members.

It means we have full capability in solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance for even the largest commercial spaces.

Please contact us if you need comprehensive fire protection from a dedicated team of fire protection specialists. Read more fire safety maintenance articles.

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