How DEM Fire leads with in-house fire safety experts

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DEM Fire is Australia’s leading independent provider of fire and essential services, thanks largely to our dedicated team of fire safety experts.

“I think it’s what really sets us apart,” says Tom Marshall, DEM Fire Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Many fire companies are set up with a business director who has limited understanding or exposure to the fire industry, and contractors to do each stage of the work. We’re the opposite of that. We have decades of experience and a full team of accredited fire practitioners, tradesmen and support staff – so we have all bases covered.”

DEM Fire takes a holistic approach to fire protection, providing end-to-end solution design, installation, asset management and fire compliance. Here’s what our team is made of – and why it matters.

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Trade experts in the field

Comprehensive fire prevention solutions take expertise – and specialised skill sets.

“I don’t think many people realise how broad the fire industry is and how many different skill sets are involved,” says Tom.

“They often think one guy will turn up and can do everything, but it doesn’t work that way. We have a huge range of trade specialists on staff.”

So what does that include? “We have diesel mechanics, mechanical and pump fitters, plumbers, sprinkler fitters and electricians,” says Tom. “We’ve got electrical technicians, we’ve got carpenters, we’ve got passive fire experts, and that’s just the trades in the field.”

This breadth of expertise is crucial to ensure we maintain quality at every stage of every project – for optimum efficiency and safety.

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Accredited practitioners and professionals

As we’ve previously reported, only accredited fire safety experts can now provide certain tasks across fire safety design, installation, asset management and fire compliance.

With a fully accredited in-house team, we can oversee end-to-end project management and provide expert, industry compliant fire protection services.

“Our team includes specialist testers, engineers and estimators, and of course accredited fire system designers and system assessors,” says Tom, “and we have a great business support team in the office.”

A recent emergency call-out for a faulty fire alarm system in a major shopping centre illustrates how important this is.

“Our initial technician realised very quickly this was not going to be a one-person fix, and after contacting his supervisor, everyone jumped into action. In addition to three men on site, Brie Giardina, Service Operations Manager, followed the job closely and liaised constantly between the team and shopping centre management. She also kept me in the loop so we were on top of the project at every stage.”

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Expert managers and supervisors

Tom co-founded award-winning DEM Fire with wife Janice Marshall over twenty years ago. General Manager and Director Gary Marshall (Tom’s brother) joined soon after.

“I’ve been in the fire industry since leaving school and was originally employed as a trainee fire protection engineer,” says Tom. “At the time, there were no dedicated uni courses for it, but I did a six-year traineeship. I did electrical trade during the day and mechanical engineering at night.”

It’s typical of all our managers and supervisors who began with a trade, and who know the fire industry inside and out. Gary Marshall, now with DEM Fire for 17 years, is a former electrical engineer. Campbell Steer, our Head of Service Delivery, is a mechanical engineer by trade. And in addition to years in fire protection, several of our managers and technicians are dedicated volunteer firefighters and retained NSW Fire Brigade firefighters.

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Committed fire safety experts

At DEM Fire, we’ve built an expert team of fire safety experts who are also committed to our company values and vision to be ‘uncompromising in our commitment to fire safety’.

For our customers, it means we will go above and beyond to offer exceptional fire protection services and projects, to consistently keep your people and property safe.

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