A DEM Fire guide to fire risk assessments

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Fire risk assessments are mandatory for every fire protection project and ongoing fire system maintenance. DEM Fire conducts fire risk assessments to identify and understand the potential risks in any property and as part of our comprehensive solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

A fire risk assessment is crucial to protect people and properties by ensuring your fire safety measures are adequate and perfectly aligned with the size and nature of your premises. Regular fire risk assessments are essential for effective fire protection.

Our comprehensive fire risk assessments meet fluctuating requirements across industry sectors and property uses. As an overview, here’s why you need a fire risk assessment and what’s involved to ensure your property is fully compliant with current fire protection guidelines.

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Why you need a fire risk assessment

It is the responsibility of every commercial property owner or manager to ensure you have comprehensive fire protection in place.

Fire protection systems including fire detection systems and suppression systems including sprinkler systems, that work together with other equipment active and passive fire services to protect people and properties.

Kamal Adhikari is a Senior Fire Systems Designer and Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) with DEM Fire, who designs sprinkler systems, fire hydrants and fire hose reel systems, fire detection and alarm systems, and emergency warning systems. He explains why risk assessments play a key role.

“Fire systems are complex and there is no one system that covers every aspect of fire prevention. There are also different risks associated with each system. A hospital and residential apartments for instance, will have different hazards – and requirements. And the only way to determine the optimal fire protection system is to do a risk assessment.”

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Factors for fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are required to be carried out regularly for existing properties, and in addition for new projects or whenever there has been a change in building usage. In assessing a property for fire risk, our team will conduct a full inspection to identify the status of all current systems and fire protection assets.

We also need to consider multiple factors that may affect fire safety measures.

These factors include the type of property and nature of the business, if the premises are residential, communal or commercial, the number of people using the building, the type of materials stored on site, and specific requirements to assist emergency personnel including the fire brigade to achieve their emergency response strategies.

“All of this information collectively gives us the methodology. It helps us determine which fire protection methods we need including fire protection systems and equipment,” says Kamal.

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A tailored solution

The first stage of our risk assessment process is to identify potential hazards in a property. We then use that information to assess the risks to people and property and devise a fire protection solution that reduces or removes each risk.

“It is an evolving process,” explains Kamal. “We conduct an initial risk assessment, determine which fire protection systems are most appropriate, and devise a fire safety framework. We incorporate safety standards and conduct risk assessments at every stage of each fire protection project.”

“We conduct a final risk assessment at project completion,” he adds. “Then we hand over to the client and provide a manual on how to run and oversee each aspect of the fire protection system.”

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Risk assessment for fire compliance

The DEM Fire team also conducts risk assessments as part of our fire compliance services. Annual Fire Safety Statements must be submitted to council every year.

They confirm that an Accredited Practioner (Fire Safety) has inspected, assessed and verified each Fire Safety Measure applied to the property and listed in the Fire Safety Schedule held by council.

We complete risk assessments during standard Annual Fire Safety Statements and for supplementary Fire Safety Statements which may be issued at more regular intervals dependent on critical Fire Safety Measures.

“Our fire safety assessors check that every fire system and all fire safety equipment is fully functional and working as intended. Based on their assessment, we will provide them with another risk assessment to ensure the current fire protection measures are adequate.”

DEM Fire has full capability in fire risk assessments for new projects, and as part of our asset management and fire compliance services. Contact us to find out more. Read more fire safety maintenance articles.

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