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Efficient project management

DEM specialises in end-to-end design, installation and asset management for fire and essential services. We focus on solutions that mitigate liability and risk for optimum safety, security and long-term cost-effectiveness. Our overarching approach means we prioritise efficient project management for seamless system installation.

Once we have your solution design, we create a full system installation plan that covers products, technology and scheduled delivery. We focus on the detail and have proven processes in place. We have the in-house expertise to plan around existing tenants for minimum disruption. With our dedicated team for all client communication, you can also be sure we’ll be here whenever you need us.

Our project management will help ensure all system elements – from emergency warning, detection, sprinkler and hazard suppression systems to items including pumps, fire doors, hydrants, hose reels and extinguishers – are installed with precision and tested for guaranteed quality and compliance.

DEM Optimal Technology

Optimal technology

At DEM, we ensure all aspects of our system installation are fully compliant – and meet premium standards.

To guarantee safety and quality, we use only trusted and tested brands. We employ state-of-the-art technology.

We were the first in the industry to use ultrasonic flow testers ten years ago and we’re still at the forefront with our flow testers, pre-action sprinkler systems, using nitrogen vortex firefighting systems and state-of-the-art thermal cameras.

With premium processes, expert staff and optimal technology, we can guarantee our fire protection systems are precisely installed and tested.

DEM Qualified Trades

Qualified trades

The DEM team has decades of experience in all aspects of system installation. So, whether we are retrofitting or installing for a new build, we will coordinate engineers, designers and technicians, electricians, fire extinguisher testers, fire sprinkler fitters and plumbers.

We guarantee safety and quality, because our entire team is on staff. We bring together a team of highly skilled professionals so we know every member is trade qualified and experienced.

Every member of our team has the necessary certification, or is on path to certification.

For seamless installation, our project manager will coordinate with your team for clear integration. It’s one more way that we provide our exceptional fire and essential services.

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