Three steps to a fully accredited fire protection system design

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Fire compliance and certification are central to safe and effective fire prevention solutions, from the design phase through to ongoing asset management.

It’s crucial that you have a fire protection system design that meets Australian and industry standards and regulations, and the specific needs of the property owner, in order to meet your fire safety responsibilities as a business owner or manager – and ensure the safety of all staff, tenants and visitors to your property.

At DEM Fire, we deliver holistic fire protection services from an expert team of fire safety professionals. These are our recommended steps to ensure you have a fully accredited and effective fire protection system design.

An accredited designer

Under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS), only an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Design) can complete Fire Systems Design (FSC), and qualified fire safety experts must undergo an extensive accreditation process.

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The FPAS design class currently covers all activities associated with fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrant and hose reel systems plus fire detection and alarm systems, with the FPA-defined scope of work, including:

  1. Defining scope, system requirements and extent of Fire Systems Design project
  2. Planning sketch layout of the fire system design
  3. Preparing detailed technical design documentation, including plans and specifications for systems and equipment (including material, installation requirements, testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance manuals).

An accreditation and audit scheme for design practitioners has been set up to help ensure your solution designer work within the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and all relevant industry codes.

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A tailored fire prevention solution

Fire safety system design is complex, potentially comprising a mix of suppression systems, special hazard systems and other safety measures such as alarm systems, fire equipment and passive fire protection. An effective design will meet the shape and scope of your property, and as such, system designs can vary significantly between businesses.

A detailed consultation is crucial in the earliest stage to ensure you have a best-fit fire prevention design, especially as the design informs every subsequent stage – including system installation, asset management and fire compliance.

At DEM Fire, our project team designers will first look at the BCA to determine the class of budling, and all industry and BCA Standards that the design must comply with.

To ensure the quality of your fire safety system design, our accredited designers will monitor the design at various stages, where construction design changes or other factors necessitate a change in fire safety system design.

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Full project management

One of the benefits of having in-house fire safety experts, including Accredited Practitioners in Fire Safety and Fire Design, is that we can oversee end-to-end project management for new and existing properties.

In addition to protection system design, we have a tight-turnaround CDC (Complying Development Certificate) service, and we oversee system installation, ongoing asset management, and all fire compliance needs including Annual Fire Safety Statements.

It means we can ensure your fire system design is industry compliant now, and as your business grows. DEM Fire is committed to first-class fire safety solutions. Please contact us for expert fire protection system design.

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