Public Venues

A public venue is a place where something happens, especially an organised event such as a concert, conference, or sports competition. Large-scale and high-traffic fire protection solutions are necessary for public venues.

Public venues can be anything from clubhouses at a sports facility to a stadium capable of seating thousands of spectators. Understandably, they require meticulous fire safety and protection strategies.

Emergency exit sign in a stadium

Understanding fire compliance

Understanding fire compliance within a public venue environment requires skilled expertise and experience to manage the multiple moving parts of a fire safety and fire protection system.

Thorough consultation under the NCC code around building characteristics, compliant fire safety solutions accredited by the necessary governing authorities and sound fire safety strategies to manage large volumes of people form part of designing a fire safety solution in a public venue.

Managing fire safety assets

Managing fire safety assets in a public venue is incredibly complex. For example, long-standing DEM Fire client Stadium Australia, managed by DEM Fire’s Compliance and Accounts Manager, Mick McGrath, has approximately 400 fire extinguishers, 200 hydrants, over 200 hose reels, over 1000 detectors, 20 sprinkler valve sets and 1400 fire doors.

Commercial kitchens (Stadium Australia has over 60 kitchen fire suppression systems), detailed evacuation plans and Annual Fire Safety Statements are also part of a public venue fire protection strategy when designing a fire safety system.

Ongoing maintenance and testing

Our team conducts monthly maintenance visits where we test fire panels, pumps and valve sets. We test fire doors, extinguishers, hydrants, sprinkler systems and hose reels twice yearly.

We also conduct system interface tests that involve coordination with several other service providers to test mechanical ventilation, security trips, fire shutters etc.

Expert public venue fire protection solutions

At DEM Fire, we dedicate ourselves to first-class fire protection services. Contact us to see how we can help with your public venue fire protection system.

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