Fire Protection in Logistics and Storage

Installing fire systems and fire solutions in a logistics and storage environment can be tricky and risky, given the volume of content that requires protection. As technology continues to disrupt how warehouses and storage facilities manage inventory, it is increasingly necessary that the fire safety infrastructure and fire system design meets the demands of this fast-paced, intelligent sector.

Workers busy in Warehouse full of Shelves with Goods in Cardboard Boxes

A multi-faceted approach

To effectively develop a fire safety system that can protect large volumes of stock that amount to millions, if not billions of dollars, fire experts must understand fire system design, the characteristics of the stock the facility may be carrying and the latest technology capable of managing a potential fire plus its capability to integrate with a remote fire safety system or control centre.

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Why you need fire safety experts

Accredited fire safety experts need to conduct comprehensive fire safety audits, fire hazard analysis and compliance checks based on the annual fire safety statement regulations.

Given the recent industry changes to the BCA, now National Construction Code (NCC), plus the legislative changes to the guidelines governing firefighting and PFAS equipment, the reason a fire safety expert is necessary at the start of any logistics or storage fire systems process is obvious.

Maintenance and service

Our commitment to fire safety is uncompromised, so when you work with DEM Fire, we can assure you that we plan to work with you for the long term. We will do what is necessary to ensure we meet an incredibly high standard of service delivery.

We conduct regular, comprehensive service and maintenance visits at all our clients’ sites across NSW. We ensure we run extensive equipment inspections and testing that meet a superior standard of fire compliance. We offer an efficient Complying Development Certificate (CDC)┬áturnaround, detailed emergency lift assessments and accredited Annual Fire Safety Statement approvals.

A large team of fire safety experts

Our 80+ team of fire experts are industry leaders with decades of experience and industry knowledge. Contact one of us to discuss your logistics or storage fire protection needs.

DEM Fire Client Case Studies

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