DEM Fire offers fire protection solutions and expertise across the education sector, including schools, universities, boarding houses, sports facilities and heritage buildings.

Education facilities are often complex environments to work within, given the high traffic thoroughfare, safety requirements and property or building characteristics.

Many educational institutions in the Greater Sydney area have been around for decades and are protected by regional and national heritage bylaws, which require unique expert consultation when designing a fire safety system or fire prevention solution.

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Fire system design in education

We are experts in fire system design and installation unique to the education sector. We build solutions that consider not only the environment, the age of the building or the function of the building but we are also conscious of the people the building protects.

Working with children and students comes with strict rules, and our team members are experts in these rules and how to work within their parameters. We follow strict compliance guidelines, and our team is qualified for the highest level of fire safety and fire protection.

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The DEM Fire difference

We work closely with the school’s facilities management, our in-house engineers, fire system design experts and the fire marshal to design fire safety strategies and systems that are fire safety certified and meet the school environment and property needs.

We consider and support the implementation of evacuation plans, Annual Fire Safety Statements and have been trained on the new National Construction Code (NCC).

We also ensure we conduct all our work at convenient times for the school to prevent any disruptions to the school day.

DEM Fire Client Case Studies

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A fire always has devastating consequences. A fire in a school could be catastrophic so needs expert fire protection, specifically in education.

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Innovative system for Trend Pac

DEM Fire designed and installed an innovative pre-action sprinkler fire protection system introducing a bespoke design solution for long-standing client Trend Pac.

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DEM Fire and the Goodman Group

After more than 20 years in fire and essential services, we learnt a lesson and have grown our business with one of our biggest customers, the Goodman Group.

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