Thinking outside the box: Experts in providing fire-engineered alternative solutions

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Fires are a devastating force that can cause immense damage to property and businesses and, more importantly, put lives at risk. That’s why fire protection experts, like the DEM Fire team, play a critical role in ensuring the safety of individuals, buildings, and communities. 

But not every fire and essential service is the same. At DEM Fire, we offer alternative solutions and services when the standard Deemed To Satisfy (DTS) requirements aren’t suitable or available for our clients.

Our knowledge of alternative solutions allows us to provide highly customised solutions for our customers. We’ve successfully designed and implemented DTS and alternative solutions across various industry sectors, from commercial and industrial facilities to buildings and residential properties. 

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Alternative solutions to fire protection systems

We design fire protection systems that detect and respond quickly to fires, giving occupants enough time to evacuate safely and prevent catastrophic losses.

But what does it take to design a fire protection system that meets each client’s unique needs? Well, it all starts with a thorough fire risk assessment. This is where we can address any factors that may influence the end result and determine whether we need to consider an alternative solution.

We’ll evaluate the building or facility to identify potential fire hazards and assess the level of risk that each one poses, considering factors such as the type of equipment and materials present, the layout and structure of the building, and the number of people in the building.

Our solution design recommendations typically include a range of fire suppression measures such as sprinkler systems, fire alarms, smoke detectors, or even technologies like  fire suppression systems.

Depending on the project’s specific needs, we might suggest alternative solutions such as a risk-based design approach that focuses on the unique hazards for that particular location or innovative designs such as using fire-resistant materials and passive fire protection.

Regardless of the chosen approach, implementing alternative solutions allow for several benefits, including:

  • Extra flexibility and creativity to support a more efficient design
  • Reduction in costs, particularly if the full DTS requirements aren’t well-suited to the property itself
  • Improved safety through the recognition of fire risks that might be specific to that building

We’ll work closely with our clients throughout the design process to ensure we address all their needs and concerns. We know each business is unique, so there won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution to fire protection.

Installing fire systems that are fit-for-purpose

Once the fire protection system has been designed and approved, we begin the installation and testing phase to make sure the fire protection system is installed correctly and in compliance with local codes and regulations.

When looking at system installations, we’ll consider DTS and alternative solutions by assessing the best options for the location and project.

Alternative solutions are commonly required in heritage building projects, as they have strict stipulations surrounding aspects such as the designs and aesthetics of the building that impact the fire system solution and installation.

During this process, we’ll oversee every detail to ensure the system functions as it should – including thoroughly testing its components and all safety features.

On top of our knowledge of both DTS requirements and alternative solutions, we ensure we’re always on standby to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the fire protection system.

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Alternative methods of asset management

Fire protection systems are critical to the safety of any building, and they require ongoing maintenance and management to ensure that they are always functioning optimally.

We’re responsible for the asset management of these systems to ensure they continue to comply with fire safety regulations. And condition-based maintenance is another alternative solution that we find beneficial in asset management.

Condition-based maintenance allows us to monitor the conditions of a property and take corrective action before any elements of the fire system fail. Regularly assessing system conditions ensure everything is always in working order.

On top of maintaining the system, we also keep detailed records of these fire safety maintenance and testing activities, even in large-scale projects.

This is critical for compliance purposes. In the event of an inspection by regulatory authorities, our clients can feel confident that they comply with the latest fire safety regulations.

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Confidence in fire compliance

Complying with fire safety regulations is essential for building occupants’ safety and protecting property from the devastating effects of fires.

However, fire compliance and safety regulations can be complex and varied, making it challenging for building owners and managers to stay up-to-date with the latest requirements – but that’s where we come in.

We’re constantly monitoring changes in fire safety regulations and guidelines, as well as new technologies and best practices across both DTS and alternative solutions.

This knowledge allows us to provide expert guidance and fire compliance advice to building owners and managers on optimising their fire protection systems for maximum safety and compliance.

Plus, all of our fire safety experts are Accredited Practitioners in Fire Safety (AFPS). We’ve built an in-house team with exceptional skills and insider knowledge so that we can take care of every aspect of your fire protection for supreme quality and customer safety.

The value of fire experts who know alternative solutions

We play an essential role in ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants by designing, installing, and maintaining effective fire protection systems.

Our ability to consider and recommend alternative solutions in place of DTS requirements that may not fit your project allows us to provide a highly tailored service to our customers that can save them time, effort and money.

If you’re looking for a fire and essential service provider highly skilled in thinking outside the box and offering effective alternative solutions, contact us today.

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