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When you are responsible for fire safety in any building, be it commercial, public, industrial, or a residential complex, including aged care, fire door inspection is an essential component of building compliance and public safety.

Regular inspections of these doors are crucial. However, it can be challenging to organise fire door inspection specialists at a time that is convenient for you and all those who use your building. In addition, it can be difficult to find specialists who can provide the level of service and communication that make the auditing seamless and professional.


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Why are inspections necessary?

Fire doors compartmentalise a building, preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke. They can provide life-saving time for occupants to escape safely.

If you don’t have these doors inspected regularly and maintained properly, their effectiveness diminishes, putting lives at risk during a fire emergency.

Building codes and regulations require regular fire door inspections to ensure that they meet safety standards. Non-compliance can lead to costly fines, legal issues and building closures.

Fire doors not only safeguard lives but also property. By preventing the uncontrolled spread of fire, they minimise damage to the building’s structure and contents. This can translate to significant cost savings for building owners and insurers.

In the event of a fire-related accident, having a documented history of regular fire door inspections can protect building owners and managers from liability claims. It demonstrates a commitment to safety and due diligence in maintaining fire safety systems.

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Fire door compliance and documentation

It is not just a matter of certification and compliance: fire safety, especially in high-traffic areas and buildings that house vulnerable people, must be a diligent process and the building code of Australia mandates fire exits.

The building classification determined by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) determines what type of door is required. AS1851-2012 prescribes how often you must have your building’s fire doors inspected. In the majority of cases for commercial buildings, you must have the fire doors inspected every six months, and for other industrial and residential buildings, the requirement is yearly.

DEM Fire has specialist expertise in fire door inspections, working closely with a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings including schools and other educational institutions, manufacturing, apartment and strata dwellings, accommodation and hospitality sites and sporting venues.

Fire door inspections should only be performed by trained and certified professionals. These inspectors understand the intricacies of fire door systems, including the hardware, frames and seals. They can identify and address issues effectively.

Thorough documentation is essential. DEM Fire inspectors maintain detailed records of each inspection, including each door’s location, inspection date, findings and any required corrective actions. This documentation not only ensures compliance but also helps in tracking the history of each door’s maintenance.

Our inspectors will conduct various tests to ensure the fire doors are in working order. This includes checking the operation of the door, confirming that it closes and latches properly, inspecting the gaskets and seals for integrity and verifying that the signage and labelling are accurate. In addition to the door itself, inspectors assess the condition of the hardware, such as hinges, locks, panic hardware and closer mechanisms.

DEM Fire inspectors examine each door’s seals and gaps to ensure they are intact and will effectively restrict the passage of smoke and flames. They also check that any modifications or repairs to fire doors are carried out by certified professionals and documented accordingly.

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Scheduling and communication for a seamless inspection

As a building owner or manager, scheduling fire door inspections can be difficult. At DEM Fire, we are acutely aware of the need to schedule inspections that fit with the facility’s operational integrity and communicate effectively with the owner or manager to ensure we meet all timelines with minimal disruption.

Through our network of experienced and professional fire door inspection specialists, we have the capability and capacity to work with each client to forge workable scheduling solutions that ensure compliance with the building codes, minimal disruption and thorough documentation and reporting.

When you need fire door inspection specialists who will work with you and understand your industry, contact us and experience the difference professionalism makes.

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