DEM Fire now providing lift assessments for Annual Fire Safety Statements

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We’ve previously reported on the 2017 NSW Government legislation reforms introduced through the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, which stipulate that Annual Fire Statements can now be endorsed only by registered Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSPs).

One area that has been impacted is emergency lift assessments – and we’re pleased to advise that DEM Fire now provides lift assessment services for Annual Fire Safety Statements from our in-house CFSPs.

Here’s our guide to the changes and to our safe, certified and leading fire compliance lift assessment services.

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Changing assessment requirements

The NSW Government introduced the legislative changes in a bid to strengthen fire safety certification by ensuring fire compliance rests with trained and accredited fire protection professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of Australian building codes and standards.

Mick McGrath, DEM Fire’s Compliance and Accounts Manager, explains that while lift companies were previously able to sign off on assessments for Annual Fire Safety Statements, they are no longer in a position to do so.

“Since the changes have come in, we’ve found that none of the lift companies have the accredited staff for the Annual Fire Safety assessments. So, we decided to step up to help our customers by providing this in addition to our regular fire compliance services.”

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Collaborative and expert solutions

The Annual Fire Safety Statement endorsement is just one aspect of lift servicing. Mick explains that maintenance and operation rest solely with lift company staff, who have the technical expertise relevant to their lifts.

DEM Fire’s accredited CFSPs now train directly with lift companies, including Kone, to ensure we have the knowledge required to look after the lifts’ emergency features. “We’re talking solely emergency functions such as lift landings and emergency lights,” says Mick.

Lift companies have their own assessment processes in place. CFSP certification adds another level to ensure safe and compliant emergency lift services, particularly given that the new accreditation requires greater personal involvement from the CFSP to verify compliance and collect and record adequate evidence to support the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

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Thorough checks and testing

As part of our emergency lift assessments for fire compliance, one of our CFSP team members will inspect and test all emergency service functions.

“We check all emergency features,” says Mick. “We make sure the emergency communication system is functioning properly, test the emergency lights and ensure the fire service controls are working as they should, so that lifts can be stopped to the public in the event of a fire, and accessed by emergency fire personnel.

If I’m endorsing something, I personally assess every element,” adds Mick. “I need to be certain that everything is checked and verified against the Building Code of Australia (BCA).”

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Building an expert team

To continue to offer expert fire compliance, fire protection design, system installation and asset management services, DEM Fire is building an industry-leading team of skilled and accredited fire protection specialists.

We’ve recently expanded our project team and are continually upskilling our inspection and testing team to provide comprehensive and accredited fire protection solutions.

Please contact us if you require emergency lift assessments or any other tailored fire prevention solutions. Read more Annual Fire Safety Statement articles.

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