The DEM Fire team sprinkles a little spring this September

Construction worker standing in front of Spring cherry blossom

In celebration of a great team and as a testament to how much we appreciate our most valuable asset, we highlight three initiatives that the DEM Fire team focused on this month that put a little more sprinkle into spring this September.

Construction workers taking a tea break on site

A meeting about nothing

During the COVID lockdown, DEM Fire was an essential service. This meant that the team tried to practise social distancing whilst still conducting their day-to-day tasks and trying not to catch the disease. As the 15+ team members were operating in such isolation, Testing and Compliance Manager Chris Simich initiated a ‘meeting about nothing’.

The idea was to move away from yet another video meeting and meet face-to-face during the team’s tea break. We conducted these in an open, well-ventilated area to encourage human interaction and provide the team with a bit of respite from the monotony of lockdown isolation.

Chris says, “Our catch-ups were always filled with laughter, which was a welcome change from the day-to-day work done in complete isolation with no human interaction. We have continued with our ‘meeting about nothing’ sessions, and other teams are looking to roll out something similar too.”


DEM Fire is a business that was established over two decades ago. It was born when two like-minded companies merged, and today the family-owned company employs over 80 staff committed to helping protect people and property.

This month was National Family Business Day 2022 (#NFBD22), and we celebrated with morning tea at the office and via Teams.

We reminisced over the past year and shared strategic goals and ideas for the future, especially the technology upgrades we’re planning and the training opportunities this will provide.

We also acknowledged the new additions to the DEM Fire families and celebrated those who tied the knot. A fun ice-breaker helped old team members meet and get to know new team members, and with international travel opening up, holiday plans were discussed at length.


In support of R U OK day, we hosted a breakfast BBQ at the office. R U OK day is a national day of action celebrated on the second Thursday of September each year. The idea is to start a meaningful conversation with someone by asking, “Are you OK?” and identifying the signs that someone may be struggling.

R U OK? aims to drive genuine change in the workplace, schools and community. We shared tips on how to start a conversation, listen with an open mind, encourage action and how you can check in on those conversations.

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