How DEM Fire’s fire protection in education solution saved a school from burning

Fire alarm system on ceiling

A fire always has devastating consequences. A fire in a school could be catastrophic.

DEM Fire’s leading fire system design saved a school from burning when the intelligent fire system detected and triggered the necessary alarms that alerted, evacuated and ultimately extinguished the fire.

The fire safety in education scenario

94% of public schools surveyed last year use laptops. Most, if not all private schools use laptops.

Laptops, like any digital device, require charging. This seamless chore set fire to a girl’s dormitory in Sydney.

DEM Fire has been providing the school compliant fire protection and essential services to the school for a decade conducting regular maintenance visits. The visits enable the DEM team of fire engineers to conduct the necessary asset management assessments, issue the school’s annual fire safety statement (AFSS) and upgrade systems as we integrate new technologies and fire panels into our fire system design.

How the school’s fire safety system did its job well

The smoke alarm in the dorm room initially detected the fire, which immediately notified the local fire brigade and triggered the alarms for the building fire systems.

The audible evacuation alarm sounded that cleared the dorm of the 20 or so girls still in the dorm. It also activated the passive fire alarm, which triggered the magnetic door holders to compartmentalise certain sections of the building to contain the spread of the fire.

Intelligent fire system design

DEM Fire arrived on the scene soon after the fire broke out when the fire brigade was still on site.

“Based on the interrogation of our fire panel when we got to the site, we were able to discover from our addressable fire system we integrated into our fire panel,” says our General Manager, Gary Marshall.

“We were clearly able to see the first point of fire and the intensity and speed at which the fire spread based on how our fire system triggered each subsequent fire protection element. We were staggered by how intense the smoke was within three minutes of the fire detector.”