Commercial fire alarm systems

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Commercial fire alarms are crucial components of any commercial building’s safety infrastructure. They serve as early warning systems, alerting occupants to the presence of fire or smoke and allowing for evacuation and intervention. Choosing the correct type of fire alarm for a commercial setting depends on various factors, including the size of the building, the nature of the occupants, and regulatory requirements.

Options are designed for offices, warehousing, commercial kitchens, retail and storage facilities, diverse fire-risk buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

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Types of fire alarms

Ionisation smoke alarms: The ideal solution for detecting fast-burning fires. These alarm systems are installed in facilities with fuel created by paper or flammable liquids. They are not recommended for areas prone to cooking-related smoke or steam, which may cause false alarms. Instead, offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities are commercial environments that should take advantage of ionisation smoke alarm systems.

Photoelectric smoke alarms: These alarm systems excel at detecting smouldering fires, which produce more significant amounts of smoke before bursting into flames.
Suitable for commercial environments with combustible materials like warehouses, storage facilities, and retail spaces.
They are less prone to false alarms from cooking activities, making them suitable for kitchens and food service areas.

Heat alarms: Heat alarms are triggered by significant increases in temperature rather than smoke detection.
A heat alarm is ideal for choice commercial kitchens, boiler rooms, and garages, where smoke or steam may be regularly present, but fire risk is still high.

They are not suitable for areas where rapid detection of smoke is essential, as they may need to provide early warning for slow-burning fires.

Multi-sensor alarms: Multi-sensor alarms combine the capabilities of ionisation, photoelectric, and heat sensors, providing comprehensive fire detection.

Multi-sensor alarms are recommended for large commercial buildings with diverse fire risks, such as hotels, hospitals, and shopping centres. These alarm systems offer enhanced accuracy and reduced false alarms compared to single-sensor alarms, ensuring timely response in critical situations.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms: While not technically fire alarms, CO alarms are crucial for detecting this odourless, colourless gas produced by incomplete combustion. They are essential for commercial spaces with fuel-burning appliances, such as restaurants, hotels, and parking garages.

CO alarms should be installed alongside traditional fire alarms to provide comprehensive protection against all potential hazards.

Voice evacuation systems: These systems integrate fire alarms with audible voice instructions, guiding occupants to safety during emergencies.

This is particularly beneficial for large commercial buildings, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, where clear communication is essential. They are designed explicitly for evacuation efficiency and to reduce panic by providing concise, actionable instructions and alarm signals.

Wireless fire alarms: These fire alarm systems offer flexibility and ease of installation, making them suitable for retrofitting commercial buildings.

It is ideal for temporary structures, construction sites, or leased spaces where traditional wired systems are impractical. They provide reliable fire detection and notification without extensive wiring, minimizing installation time and disruption.

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Selecting the appropriate commercial fire alarm system requires careful consideration of the specific risks and requirements of the building. Whether it’s a small office or a sprawling shopping complex, a fire alarm solution is tailored to ensure the safety of occupants and assets. By understanding the characteristics and applications of different fire alarms, businesses can make informed decisions to protect their premises from the devastating consequences of fire.

DEM Fire has the essential expertise to ensure commercial facilities have the most suitable and compliant fire alarm system for early detection and safety. Our technical experience is why we are the go-to fire and essential services business supporting building and infrastructure enterprises throughout New South Wales.

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