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DEM Fire consistently delivers exceptional fire prevention, thanks to an ongoing commitment to team and process development.

As part of our uncompromising commitment to fire safety, we’ve focused on streamlining and enhancing several aspects of the business, including our certification and fire compliance services.

Our Complying Development Certificate (CDC) services meet changes to essential fire services introduced in 2019, that require work to be conducted by accredited fire designers. We’ve worked hard to ensure our services successfully meet all requirements, and we’ve built – and we are further building – on our team capability to provide expert CDC services in-house.

At DEM Fire, we ensure every customer has access to industry-leading and fast-response solution design that meets all CDC requirements.

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CDC requirements

Local councils require all commercial property owners who want to make changes to a building to apply for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). A CDC is issued where a proposed development meets relevant planning and building controls under the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Both local councils and accredited certifiers may issue CDCs, and builders must have a CDC prior to any building work, including site demolition.

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A), all changes to essential fire safety measures require approval from an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety). In circumstances where it is not achievable to meet the latest BCA Standards, property owners can apply for a 164B Exemption to maintain current fire prevention measures, if those measures meet the level of performance as per latest building codes and standards. The 164B exemption must also be signed off by an Accredited Practitioner.

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Expanding our CDC capability

The CDC changes are just one of several legislative amendments in recent years that for fire protection companies, have necessitated additional certification and processes – and caused some initial confusion. To ensure smooth facilitation of our in-house CDC services, DEM Fire recently appointed a senior fire consultant who is an Accredited Practitioner in all fire essential safety measures for CDCs.

Kamal Adhikari is a Senior Fire Systems Designer with ten years’ experience in fire protection design, system installation and compliance. He is also a certified Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP).

Also new to DEM Fire, Bob Asrardel is a specialist in tailored solution design for large projects. This includes technical data assessment, completion of zone block plans and provision of fire compliance certificates. Bob recently completed the required studies to join Kamal in offering CDC services.

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The DEM Fire 48-hour guarantee

With CDC capability in-house, DEM Fire can offer our customers a 48-hour CDC guarantee. We ask that clients provide us with project information, including current plans, and we guarantee to have certified design drawings back to you within two working days.

DEM Fire’s Project and Design Leader, James Kingi, explains that most of our customers require full fire prevention design.

“Generally, clients have large-scale commercial renovation projects. They provide building plans and we usually start the design from scratch. We build a comprehensive fire protection solution that incorporates multiple fire prevention and detection systems.”

With CDC specialists on-site, we can ensure every solution design meets all council CDC requirements.

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Complete fire prevention services

DEM Fire takes a holistic approach to fire protection, so we have full capability in end-to-end fire prevention services.

Our expertise includes solution design, system installation, asset management and fire compliance – and we tailor every solution to customer and project.

Please contact us if you need fast-response CDC services, or comprehensive fire prevention for your building project. Read more Fire Protection articles.

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