DEM Fire successfully passes FPAS audit for expert fire compliance delivery

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As we’ve previously reported, the fire protection industry has seen immense changes in recent years. Among the changes, NSW Government legislation introduced in 2017 stipulates that every fire safety practitioner must be fully accredited in order to assess and endorse fire measures for Annual Fire Safety Statements.

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) is overseen by Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia), our peak industry body for fire protection. In addition to a demanding assessment process in order to gain accreditation, all Accredited Practitioners must also pass a detailed audit process.

We are pleased to advise that DEM Fire team member, Anthony Carroll, Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) has successfully passed his first audit. It means every DEM Fire client can be reassured of a safe, certified and industry-leading fire compliance solution.

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Strengthening fire safety with the FPAA scheme

The 2017 reforms were designed to strengthen fire safety certification for new and existing buildings. In response to the changing legislation, the FPAA added to the FPAS scheme an accreditation class for fire safety assessors, which has become the only accreditation process available.

For fire compliance including Annual Fire Safety Statements, work may now only be conducted by an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety).

The DEM Fire team includes Accredited Practitioners in both Fire Safety and Fire Design. We’re accredited for all the different areas of the 32 measures to cover all requests.

The accreditation is renewed every year. All Accredited Practitioners must also pass an audit process once every five years, and more frequently in the event of an investigation such as a complaint.

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About the FPAA audit

Anthony Carroll, Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety), spent several months completing the initial accreditation process, and as he explains, the audit process was also involved.

“For all Accredited Practitioners, there is an audit to determine that what we are doing is right. For my audit, I provided a list of the last 100 properties I had endorsed for Annual Fire Safety Statements, with documentation to back them all up. That was a nine-item spreadsheet of 100 sites,” he says.

“Once I submitted all the details, they chose six sites they wanted to audit. They went through that paperwork and requested further evidence if required to help satisfy them. After about four weeks, the audit process was completed.”

“It was a rigorous auditing process,” he adds, “but for our industry, this is good because we want Accredited Practitioners doing the right thing.”

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Comprehensive fire prevention solutions

At DEM Fire, we have full capability in all aspects of solution design, system installation, asset management, and fire compliance.

In addition to Annual Fire Safety Statements, we provide comprehensive fire safety services including fast-turnaround Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and emergency lift assessments.

Anthony is just one of our qualified and highly experienced team members. Together, we are uncompromising in our commitment to fire safety.

For first-class fire protection from our skilled and certified Accredited Practitioners, please contact us. Read more Annual Fire Safety Statement articles.

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